Data governance is the process of planning, monitoring and enforcing the management of data assets. DAMA states that the objective is to treat data as a strategic asset by providing principles, policies, processes, framework, metrics, and oversight. The goal is to guide data management activities.

An ambitious vision of a company focused on data and its capabilities

Operating Model for Governance

Data Governance needs to keep it simple and display ground results to secure company endorsement.
Deploy an Operating Model which consists of:

  • Design role and responsibility
  • Identify, train and mentor data owner
  • Steer & support data life cycle
  • Quantify and demonstrate business value of Data Initiatives
  • Apply continuous improvement of value and trust to data
  • Set the pace with Data Architecture team.

Maximize the value and trust of your data

  • Translating your strategic objectives into data objectives and principles
  • Support for data identification with a tailored governance methodology from a catalog
  • Support for organization evolution via a governance model
  • Governance team training
  • Predefined IPCs and positioning of your company on a maturity matrix
  • Roadmap and operational model

"In our approach to data governance, people, processes and tools are the three pillars that converge to transform data into opportunities."

Frédéric ROBERT Data Advisory Director, Expert Data Literacy

Our approach to defining an operational model.


  • Gain insight into the context and interview key stakeholders to pinpoint business needs and challenges (pain points).
  • Discover and capitalize on existing efforts.
  • Establish consensus on the path forward and define expectations and success metrics.
  • Develop a project plan.

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Frédéric Robert

Data Advisory Director, Expert Data Literacy