The data strategy set the pace & the vision of the Global Digital strategy

Data has become a key driver in our Society, being identified as the new Gold of the century. In this context, we carefully need to not rush into it but be prepared to face new challenges either from Business or Technology to revisit the balance of power. Apgar enforces that vision with our Data Strategy framework to support the expansion around 3 building blocks that drive how data is being used across the company: Data Governance for the organization, Data Academy for the culture, Data Architecture for the tooling.

A striving vision of the future of a data-driven company and data-literate organization.

Enhance the value and trust of data

  • List and translate the strategic objectives of the board into objectives and principles for data
  • Support on the data identification with a tailored governance methodology enabled by Data Catalog
  • Support organization change with an operating model for governance
  • Train governance team on their new job
  • Provide predefined KPIs and position your company on a maturity matrix
  • Data roadmap and operating model deployment

Educate your company to data

Apgar methodology and offer focuses on the improvement and the intake of the below points:

  • Help your organization to understand that data has value as an enterprise Asset
  • Set a trajectory of your maturity regarding data literacy and the different set of lever you could activate to improve
  • Enable your Talent Management Capabilities on a concrete use case
  • Seek and reframe outcomes of data initiative with a better understanding
  • Transcend culture and prepare innovation

“Any data tool without strong processes and culture will not succeed to deliver the expected business value.”

Frédéric ROBERT Data Advisory Director, Data Literacy Expert

Make your organization become Data Driven.

Data Governance needs to keep it simple and display ground results to secure company endorsement.

Deploy an Operating Model which consists of:

  • Design role and responsibility
  • Identify, train and mentor data owner
  • Steer & support data life cycle
  • Quantify and demonstrate business value of Data Initiatives
  • Apply continuous improvement of value and trust to data
  • Set the pace with Data Architecture team.

Our assets Data Literacy.

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Frédéric is available to advise and support you across your Data Literacy Program.

Frédéric Robert

Data Advisory Director, Data Literacy Expert