Increase your business agility by integrating data & applications seamlessly

While companies try to get the highest value out of their data, they face important challenges due to: the high distribution of this data across heterogeneous internal and external applications, the important growth in terms of data volumes and the need to have fresh and accurate data in real time. In response to these challenges companies need to guarantee a sustainable, scalable, and well-governed communication between its applications through a key shared and dedicated integration service

We support you in designing, building, and operating your integration platform to deliver the best of your data.

We understand your challenges

  • Reduce complexity and time to connect applications
  • Reduce time to access fresh data
  • Handle high volumes of data and ensure high availability for hybrid architecture applications
  • Manage continuous data evolution
  • Ensure data veracity and security

How we can help you

  • Provide technical expertise and Enterprise Architecture know-how to define data integration strategy
  • Design and build your data integration platform to serve business data lineage
  • Assess vendors and implement product capabilities to address your integration requirements
  • Assist your teams in operating your data integration platform

‘‘Data Integration is a keystone of the information system. It helps organizations satisfy the continously increasing demand for fresh and reliable data. With no doubt, scalability and appropriate governance of data integration are the keys to reach data agility.’’

Nicolas Khouri General Manager Apgar Middle East, Data Integration Expert

We address your integration initiative from different facets.

Functional Architecture

Thanks to years of experience in the field of enterprise and integration architecture our team of experts will be able to support you in assessing your integration requirements across your IT landscape and identify the most relevant integration patterns to make sure that your data flows between your applications with the highest possible level of freshness.

Our Data Integration Assets.

Data Integration Brochure

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Do you need more information?

Nicolas is available to advise and support you across your Data Integration Project.

Nicolas Khouri

Operations Director Apgar Middle East, Data Integration Expert