Define and Implement a Responsible Data Strategy

APGAR Data Ethics offers a holistic approach to helping businesses integrate data ethics into their strategy. Providing practical advice and tailored support, we help our clients develop and implement a data ethics framework that meets their specific needs.

Ethical Data Management Challenges.

Embracing Data Ethics

  • Data Privacy: Companies bear a responsibility to protect the privacy of their customers and employees. Data ethics guides the development of policies and procedures to ensure robust protection of personal information.
  • Fairness and Transparency: Data ethics directs companies to use data fairly and transparently. Policies and procedures are crafted to prevent biases and promote clear communication about data collection, usage, and sharing, fostering stakeholder trust.
  • Accountability: Accountability is a cornerstone of ethical data practices. Data ethics helps in establishing policies and procedures that hold companies responsible for their data-related actions, ensuring clear lines of responsibility and corrective measures when needed.

Educate your company to data

Apgar methodology and offer focuses on the improvement and the intake of the below points:

  • Help your organization to understand that data has value as an enterprise Asset
  • Set a trajectory of your maturity regarding data literacy and the different set of lever you could activate to improve
  • Enable your Talent Management Capabilities on a concrete use case
  • Seek and reframe outcomes of data initiative with a better understanding
  • Transcend culture and prepare innovation
Marcel Hugentobler

In the digital age, data is the new currency. We need to be careful how we collect, use, and share it.

Marcel HUGENTOBLER Country Manager Switzerland MDM Expert

A Practical Approach to Ethical Data Management.

Making Data Ethics Actionable

We don’t just preach about data ethics; we make it actionable. We help our clients define and implement data ethics frameworks that align with their specific business needs and regulatory requirements. We provide practical guidance on how to embed data ethics into everyday operations, ensuring that responsible data practices are not just a formality but a way of doing business.

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Country Manager Switzerland MDM Expert

Marcel Hugentobler