Enable Operational Excellence with APGAR AI-Driven Solutions for Operations.

Experience unparalleled operational efficiency with APGAR's AI-Driven Operations Solutions. Our cutting-edge technology, powered by advanced artificial intelligence, is designed to optimize industrial operations, and boost productivity. We leverage Advanced Analytics and AI to analyse complex data, optimize production, and provide actionable insights to drive operational excellence and to give your business a competitive advantage.

Address Business Operations Challenges with APGAR.

APGAR's AI-Driven Solutions

Optimize Production and Inventory Costs: APGAR’s AI Solutions streamline production and inventory costs by applying AI to optimize resource scheduling and inventory management, enabling businesses to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and improve environmental sustainability.
– Optimize Physical Asset utilization: APGAR uses IoT technology and Real-Time Advanced Analytics to identify asset performance trends in event data streams and generate intelligent alarms. These helps to reduce downtime, improve production yield, and drive profitability.
– Accurately Forecast demand and Optimize Sourcing: APGAR’s AI Solutions employ Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning to accurately forecast demand and optimize sourcing, empowering businesses to meet customer needs while maintaining cost-effective operations.
– Increase Revenue per Customer: APGAR leverages next best offer Machine Learning models to identify personalized cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. By tailoring marketing and sales efforts to individual customer preferences, APGAR’s AI solutions help in maximizing revenue and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

"APGAR's AI solutions are revolutionizing production and inventory management, optimizing costs and boosting the efficiency of our manufacturing customers. By harnessing the power of advanced analytics and AI, we're empowering industrial companies to respond proactively to market changes, reduce waste, and drive profitability, all while enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty."

Mário Duarte Business Director, Head of AI & Advanced Analytics

A Comprehensive Advanced Analytics and AI offering for Business Operations.

APGAR AI-Driven Operations offering includes the following solutions.

AI Copilot for Production Optimization: A comprehensive Data and AI framework that includes a suite of AI solutions, such as AI resource scheduling optimization and demand forecasting, anchored on a manufacturing supply chain digital twin. This framework is designed to seamlessly integrate with your core systems (MRP, MES, CRM, etc.), facilitating streamlined, data-driven, and optimized manufacturing operations.”

Real-Time Advanced Analytics for Operations: A robust framework that includes cutting-edge event stream processing capabilities and employs machine learning models to detect abnormal patterns hidden in data. It is further enhanced with real-time dashboards and intelligent alerts, providing immediate insights, and facilitating swift, operational data-driven real time decision-making.

Advanced Analytics for Supply Chain: An Advanced Analytics accelerator bundling a leading Advanced Analytics software platform and a preconfigured data lake solution that delivers AI-augmented and automated insights for enhanced supply chain decision-making. Tightly integrated with your ERP system and the supply chain digital twin, provides self-service analytics directly on SAP data and an overall 360-degree view of your supply chain operations.

A Proven AI Methodology

To ensure our AI solutions deliver tangible results, we follow an agile and business value-oriented methodology, encompassing the following phases.

A Discovery phase, where we conduct complimentary business case discovery sessions to understand your unique operational challenges, context, and goals.

A Proof-of-Value (PoV) or Minimal Viable Product (MVP) phase. Here, we configure our AI solutions on our infrastructure to showcase their potential in addressing your specific operational goals. Service costs are linked to a predefined success criteria and to the willingness to progress to the next phase.

A Deployment and Enablement phase. We deploy and enable the AI solution on your preferred cloud provider for validation in one or two manufacturing sites or business lines. We typically provide enhancements in an agile fashion during this phase to ensure the solution meets your goals, gains business trust, and starts generating tangible benefits.

And, finally, a Roll-Out and Scaling phase, where we gradually extend the AI solution to other business lines and manufacturing sites and add optional modules. The goal is to bring the new levels of automation and intelligence to all business units.

Our AI Driven Operations Assets.

AI Driven Operations Brochure

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AI Driven Operations Brochure

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Optimizing production planning at Logoplaste plants with Apgar AI Solutions

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Business Director, Head of AI & Advanced Analytics

Mario Duarte