Define a global Data Strategy for your organization

Apgar Data Advisory supports you in the early phase and planning of your journey to data democracy empowering your organization to access, understand and use data for effective decision-making and innovation. During the last decade of technological development, silos between business and technology have increased. We aim to help you break them down. In order to overcome persistent data quality issues within your company, we will help you refocus on the essential and smart data of your business. Additionally, we will address the matter of data valuation and provide guidance on how to manage it as a valuable asset.

How pragmatic Data Strategy adds value to the Business.

By focusing on these key areas we do ensure that data is being used in a productive and ethical manner throughout your organization.

Data has become a valuable asset in our society and is often referred to as the new Gold of the century. Then, organizations must be prepared to face new challenges while increasing the use of data within their businesses and technologies.

Data Empowerment

At Apgar, we care about your data! Our Data Advisory framework ensures that your data is being used effectively and responsibly across the company. It is based on three building blocks:
Data Governance to organize
Data Architecture to structure
Data Academy to educate

‘‘Data Strategy will not always avoid project failure but will place the right governance to drive improvement".

Frédéric ROBERT Data Advisory Director

Our key success factors for an advisory initiative.

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Tailor-made approach

We are convinced that the true potential of Data Strategy can only be achieved when tailored to an organization. That’s why we help organizations develop a tailored data governance framework, rather than relying on off-the-shelf solutions approach.

Our Data Strategy Assets.

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