Improve your environmental footprint with AI generated recommendations

Do you know your footprint? Having a sustainable management of your energy consumption can be hard to put in place! Apgar provides you with a sustainable solution to make it easy! Use Apgar's recommendation system to improve your building, data center, supply chain building or industrial plant energy consumption. Companies have many data on different data platforms. There might be unnecessary redundancies increasing the CO2 footprint. Apgar can help you measure it with reliable and automated indicators.

Minimizing CO2 footprint and consumption in the mean time without adding operational cost .

Improve your sustainability reputation and gain time and cost

Decrease operational pressure on your employees to build indicators:

Investors and Customers are increasingly in demand of sustainable objectives strategy with yearly improvement results. Apgar helps you build and improve extra financial KPIs without increasing operational pressure to your organization. We put emphasis on delivering a sustainable solution to decrease your extra financial reporting operational cost. Our solution is aimed to increase KPIs reliability and improvement.

”It is time to shift the way we assess Company efficiency and we want to support this initiative! Because Data will be used for Good Reasons!"

Iman El Gohary Senior Business Developer, Data for green Expert

Implement a sustainable strategy and reduce cost.

Reduce cost

Implementing a sustainability indicator reporting can increase operational cost. Apgar helps you with a sustainable solution to define your:

  • Sustainable KPIs strategy
  • Scalable data model to fit regulations evolution
  • Data governance
  • Data platform
  • Data quality
  • Solution to improve your indicators with AI recommendation
  • Reduce cost

You can manage automated reporting indicator and improve operational and energy cost.

Want to know more about our solution?

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Iman El Gohary

Senior Business Developer, Data for green Expert