Drive Efficiency and Business Growth with Advanced Analytics

In today's data-rich world and competitive business landscape, leveraging Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive efficiency and create new revenue streams from data is more critical than ever. However, many organizations struggle to succeed due to a lack of expertise and a proper approach. APGAR bridges this gap with a pragmatic value oriented approach to kickstart, provide functional and technical expertise, and sustain your Advanced Analytics and AI journey in the long run.

Improving decision-making through better data management.

Tackling Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) challenges

Apgar assists organizations in overcoming the most common Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) challenges.

Challenge: Extracting value from the initial investments made in Artificial Intelligence and securing the backing of the business and senior management.

APGAR value proposition: A value-driven approach to implementing proven AI quick wins that the business will adopt, while also laying the groundwork for the first Advanced Analytics and AI capabilities.

Challenge: Preparing and utilizing data that is often trapped within operational systems.

APGAR value proposition: Renowned expertise in assisting large organizations in managing their most crucial data assets and employing AI techniques that can operate with small data sets.

Challenge: Transitioning from initial Machine Learning prototypes to AI services integrated into business processes and to AI factories that enhance business efficiency and enable new revenue streams.

APGAR value proposition: Expertise in implementing and deploying end-to-end AI services that can be effortlessly integrated into existing or new business systems and processes.

Mario Duarte

APGAR Advanced Analytics is your partner in overcoming AI challenges, providing hands-on support to build and deploy AI solutions, transforming raw data into actionable insights, and assisting in applying AI to automate decision-making

Mário DUARTE Business Director, Head of AI & Advanced Analytics

Comprehensive Expertise in Advanced Analytics and AI.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Advanced Analytics

  • Know-how in Machine Learning, Optimization and Simulation, and Generative AI
    APGAR’s Advanced Analytics team comprises data scientists, machine learning and data engineers who can develop and deploy sophisticated AI models, combining machine learning (ML), optimization, simulation, and generative AI, and using open source tools or ML integrated platforms.
  • Know-how in Cloud Computing
    AGAR employs readily available cloud computing services like Azure, AWS, and GCP to preprocess large volumes of data and scale the training and serving of machine learning and optimization models.
  • Expertise in Advanced Analytics, Real-time Insights, and BigData frameworks and platforms
    APGAR uses advanced analytics and machine learning platforms, including Azure Data Fabric, TIBCO Spotfire, Anyscale/Ray, and Datarobot, to create the technical foundations and accelerate Advanced Analytics and AI initiatives.

APGAR’s Proven Approach to Kickstart and Grow Advanced Analytics and AI Initiatives

Agile and Value Oriented Methodology
APGAR employs an agile methodology to select the right AI use cases and develop and implement AI applications or services with business value creation and user adoption as ultimate objectives. This methodology encompasses the creation of Proof-of-Value (PoV) or Minimal Viable Products (MVP) to guarantee that the AI solution delivers the promised value with a minimal investment. Once approved by the relevant stakeholders, the AI solution is then incrementally deployed across the organization and seamlessly integrated into the existing IT landscape to drive efficiencies and revenue at scale.

True Customer Partnerships
APGAR Advanced Analytics and AI is deeply committed to customer success and with the building of mutual beneficial partnership – two key APGAR core values. When engaging on AI PoV or MVP missions, APGAR is prepared to offer services at a reduced price, supplemented by a success fee payable solely upon the attainment of predetermined success criteria. When supporting the enablement and roll-out of AI solutions, APGAR is also open to variable service prices tied to business KPIs.

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Mário is available to advise and support you across your Advanced Analytics project.


Business Director, Head of AI & Advanced Analytics

Mario Duarte