[WEBINAR Data Literacy] YOOI x APGAR.

Uniting Strategy and Literacy for Data Transformation Success

🗓️ October 26th (D-1)
🕰️ 5:00-6:00 PM CET

🚀Click on the Link Below and travel back in time with our speakers from APGAR and YOOI to enhance your understanding of data Literacy.

Watch the Replay

🎤 Nicolas AVERSENG, Founder & CEO at YOOI and Frédéric ROBERT, Data Advisory Director at APGAR, will share their insights and hand you the keys to tap into the full potential of your data!

🎯 Key Topics:
✅How a strong data strategy can benefit from a data literacy program?
✅How to design an effective data literacy program?
✅Measuring the Impact and effectiveness of Data Strategy
✅Enable hands-on experience with a structured framework for data excellence