Building The Future in Lisbon.

Building The Future in Lisbon

Our experts Pedro PinhoPedro J. FarinhaMário Duarte, Marianna Ligório, Mariana RodriguesJoão PedrasRui CatarinoNelson FerreiraAmérico Santos and Seynabou Diallo are here to help you focus on your company’s critical data, maximising its potential for business success.

🎤To make the most of your days at #BTF2024, join us this Thursday at 3:10 PM UTC for our workshop, “Optimizing Production Planning at Logoplaste with APGAR AI solutions” presented by Bernardo Dias and Mário Duarte. Get insights into service quality and operational cost reduction through the “APGAR AI Co-pilot for Operations” solution based on Logoplaste’s experience. Ask your questions and learn more!🤓

Brace yourself for data-licious conversations!

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