💥 [Great Team Building 2022]

 Flash back on a high point of 2022 ☀️ Welcome to Cyprus for our annual seminar! 🌴

APGAR team meets again, like every year, to focus on establishing new connections, learn from each other and create strong bonds 🤝

Here, we celebrated the opening of our new offices in Larnaca with traditional dance and music the first night 💃🎶

🎙 Directors’ Speech to share the values and the strategic vision.
🤼‍♀️ Olympics games to build commitment and Team spirit #TeamSports!
⛵ Cultural activities with a cruise to visit Cyprus’ beautiful landscape.

🔥💃 It was 3 days well spent with team building activities, crazy parties, great team spirit, and so much more…

Thank you Seminaire.com for the organization!