Flash back on a high point in 2021 — Apgar Consulting got its Team member together during the Great Team Building to focus on establishing new connections, encourage communication and Teamwork.

🎙 Directors Speech: sharing values, culture, vision and the Future at Work in Apgar Consulting.

⛳️ Sports activities: “Fantasticable” for a lifetime experience! “Alpine Coaster” and much more as well…

⛵️ 🍷 Cultural activities : a cruise that offered a great landscape and discover Porto on the Douro Valley. All Apgarian had an exclusive Porto tasting in a famous Graham’s Port, pioneers of viticulture in the Douro Valley.

🍸 Last but not least, some cocktails to begin a very intense and fun nightlife with 103 Apgarians!

It was high time to meet Lebanese, Portuguese and French Team, exchange and of course to sing, laugh and dance in Porto !