Here’s a summary on the event 

Here’s a summary on the event. This week aims to promote the well-being at work, an unavoidable subject in this period of crisis.


During this week of quality of life at work, APGAR has set up remote activities around different subjects : 

💡 Nutrition: relationship between nutrition and sleep, daily mistakes, digestion physiology, hydration, etc.

💡 Sleep: physiology of sleep, factors that influence the sleep, advises to improve sleep, etc. with other activities offered by Workplace Health Efficiency.


Apgar Consulting has well reunited the french team at a healthy Lunch at the rooftop of our office in Neuilly-sur-Seine. 🧡 🍒

To relive the moment, it’s by HERE 👋

Thank you Relactiva for live station cooking healthy and delicious Poke bowls!